Firemaster firewood products are certified pest free when they leave our facility

This means our products can be stored safely in grocery warehouses and moved safely to state and federal parks and recreation areas. Our firewood and kindling is heat treated to 60° C for 60 minutes in a computer controlled kiln designed specifically to meet or exceed USDA specifications for firewood.

With attractive graphics and a strong retail shelf presence, our packaging is the best in the business. Our 3 color label is printed directly on a heavy shrink wrap in English, Spanish and French, containing 3 UPC codes for easy scanning. For easy starting, we also include a 2 pack of Fatwood firestarter in each firewood bundle. Unlike many competitors, SBC Firemaster guarantees that our bundles contain the actual amount of wood stated on the package.

Supplying premium packaged firewood products to numerous U.S retailers and distributors from Alaska to New Mexico, and Canadian retailers and distributors from B.C. to Quebec, SBC Firemaster is the leader in consumer value and repeat sales. Learn what has kept us at the forefront of our industry for over 30 years.

Why is moving firewood such a bad idea?

Forests and national parks are becoming threatened by invasive species. Learn how this can impact the sales and transportation of firewood products.

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Interested in a better product that earns stronger profits?

Learn what has kept SBC Firemaster at the forefront of our industry for over 25 years. Choose SBC Firemaster and choose the leader in firewood.

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